T.E.A.M. Communication Styles

Organizations and Leaders

Workplaces across the globe are resetting. They are facing the challenge of redefining their culture while developing the people who make the culture.

Many organizations have employees working from home, in the office, and a hybrid version of the two. Organizations need to find new ways to unite their teams and enable them to work more productively – through more strategic communication.

T.E.A.M. Communication Styles® helps your team find answers to the challenges that are getting in the way of a positive, productive workplace. Challenges such as:

communication style in the workplace
Why some people behave the way they do

Have you wondered why some people in your organization can't seem to understand each other or work together well?

different communication styles in organizations
How style differences can cause unintended conflict

Do people get angry for what seems to be no reason?

types of communication styles in the workplace
A personalized roadmap to better communication

Do employees sometimes struggle to get along with each other?

T.E.A.M. provides answers to some of the most challenging workplace issues.

Interpersonal conflict in the workplace
Teach people how to work better together
communication tools
Decrease unintended conflict
dysfunctional teams in the workplace
Develop stronger people skills across all levels of your organization
Poor communication in the workplace
Develop improved workplace relationships

T.E.A.M. provides leaders and organizations with the tools to help:

how to develop skilled leaders
Tap into each person’s motivation

When you understand their preferences, you can respond in a way they appreciate.

how to reduce workplace conflict
Communicate in ways you and your team value

Every team communicates differently. T.E.A.M. guides you to a style that works for your team.

coaching an employee with poor communication skills
Depersonalize and resolve conflict

You can stop conflict before it happens when your team is communicating clearly.

Build stronger, more successful teams

Stronger teams are the result of better communication and understanding among the members.

Absolutely the best assessment I've ever used
We have used TEAM in a number of capacities. As a training director, I have been certified in many different assessments. This is absolutely the best assessment I've ever used. We've had the opportunity to use TEAM in various projects and have received very positive feedback. This assessment is significantly easier than others and provides meaningful feedback in a personalized report.
Training Director
New York State Agency

What makes T.E.A.M. effective?

Communication problems damage relationships and teamwork. T.E.A.M. Communication Styles provides clear and practical solutions to improve communication, strengthen teamwork and resolve conflicts. The assessment is only 12 questions, yet it is highly accurate and points the way to easily understood and executed solutions. T.E.A.M. gives you the tools to make changes that will provide long-lasting results.

Curious about how T.E.A.M. can drive meaningful change in your organization?

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