T.E.A.M. Communication Styles

Trainers and Coaches

Take your practice to a more powerful level with T.E.A.M. Communication Styles®

T.E.A.M. Communication Styles is an affordable solution that provides easily implemented tools to solve common workplace problems.

Clear communication

Incorrect assumptions can confuse communication. When people understand the communication styles of others, they can read them more accurately and adjust the way they communicate, improving workplace clarity.

Difficult people

Understanding the communication preferences of others can explain why they act the way they do and how you can adjust to improve workplace culture. Difficult people just become different – and easier to work with.

Workplace conflict

T.E.A.M. shows the behavioral preferences of each member of a team and how certain style combinations can exacerbate conflict. Then, it provides the roadmap to improve communication and prevent conflicts. The result is better understanding and collaboration.

How T.E.A.M. will help you


T.E.A.M. gives you an affordable tool that energizes any people skills training, illuminates key concepts in interpersonal skills, and depersonalizes conflict. T.E.A.M. creates a path forward for helping leaders and employees learn how to build more collaborative work relationships.


Each coachee has different communication preferences and motivators. The T.E.A.M. model helps you teach them new ways to approach their work that bring out the best in each individual. It also provides a practical tool to help them better connect with others. 

communication tips for coaches

T.E.A.M. Communication Styles can help individuals and teams become stronger and more successful. Use T.E.A.M. to more effectively:

coaching an employee with poor communication skills
Coach staff
Build strong teams
how to develop skilled leaders
Develop skilled leaders
coaching an employee with poor communication skills
Improve workplace communication
how to build a collaborative workplace
Build a collaborative workplace
how to reduce workplace conflict
Reduce workplace conflict
Outstanding tool
This is an outstanding tool that brings real value and helps my clients understand themselves and their co-workers. The simple, but effective construct stays with people long after the training has ended. In a recent conversation, someone who had taken the assessment several months ago apologized for “being such an A”, but that was how she was most comfortable communicating. An excellent product at an excellent price that has been a great addition to my “tool kit”.
Abrahm DiMarco
Owner, DiMarco Consulting Group
communication strategies for team members

The T.E.A.M. advantage

Get certified

If your practice includes any of the following areas, T.E.A.M. can help you deliver a stronger product.  We’ll show you how in the certification program!

Why get certified?

T.E.A.M. offers a one-time certification program that includes a lifetime of updates and benefits, including:

  • Discounted pricing
  • Branded reports with your logo and contact information
  • Your own personalized dashboard with the latest materials, updates, and the ability to track your clients’ completion status and scores
  • Access to T.E.A.M. experts for ongoing consultation
  • Listing on our page of certified trainers and coaches (coming soon!)
  • much more!

Don’t wait! Sign up for certification today! See how simple, accurate, and useful T.E.A.M. is.

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